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Down To The Studs: Renovating in Toronto

Home renovations can be so bittersweet. The possibilities to customize your space are endless, but so is the stress, the delays and the supply chain issues. So how can you limit the headache, and actually enjoy the process of creating the perfect home for you and your family?

This episode of Real Estate Unplugged features a chat with my friend Tommy Smythe, one of Canada’s most talented interior designers and beloved personalities. He’s been perfecting and personalizing houses for over 20 years, and is a partner at TOM, a creative design firm in Toronto. He gives you tips you can use to make your home renovation as painless as possible, while staying true to your taste and bringing your vision of home to life.

Second Chances & Adaptive Reuse: New Purpose For Old Buildings

A neighbourhood is like a garden. As it blossoms and grows, you have to tend to it. Without intentional efforts to encourage arts and culture, displacement and gentrification can take over. So how exactly do spaces in Toronto foster that culture and creativity? How are old buildings reimagined? How are communities united?

Today’s guest is social entrepreneur and thought leader Tim Jones. Jones has been tending to Toronto’s “garden” since he moved to the city in his 20s. As CEO of Artscape from 1998 to 2021 and now a principal of Creative Placemaking Inc, Tim is helping communities engage arts and culture as a catalyst for change and renewal. He gives us a glance of the process behind revitalization projects like the Historic Distillery District and Regent Park, and helps us understand the impact and potential of arts and culture.

When you think of real estate, you probably think of houses, condos and skyscrapers! But real estate has immense power to affect the people around it, and to shape entire communities. That power is something I hope our city’s architects and builders are thinking about as they continue to influence the way people live.

My guest today is Heela Omarkhail, VP of Social Impact at the Daniels Corporation, a leading builder-developer in Toronto with a special interest in strategic initiatives to build community and create positive change. She’s been working on the revitalization of Regent Park for over 12 years, and I’ll let her tell you how near and dear the neighbourhood is to her heart. In this episode we explore how bricks, tiles, roofs, and walls can impact people’s lives and influence the world around them. Can we create profit while addressing our city’s key social challenges? How are developers addressing affordability as they build new communities? Heela sets the record straight.

Want To Be Snoop Dogg’s Neighbour? Metaverse Real Estate Buying With Crypto Part 2

Last week, cryptocurrency early adopter and Web3 fund manager Brian Chadwick introduced us to the basics of the metaverse, cryptocurrency and the impact they may have on how we buy and sell real estate. If you haven’t heard the first part of our conversation yet, check it out now!

In part two, Brian joins me again as we use our new knowledge to explore metaverse properties, buying real estate with crypto, solving world problems through VR, and other exciting concepts that sound like they’re from the future.

Want To Be Snoop Dogg’s Neighbour? Metaverse Real Estate Buying With Crypto Part 1

If you’re like me, your head starts to spin when you hear words like NFT, crypto, or metaverse. I’m getting more and more questions about these things from clients, so in this episode I delve into the future of real estate, property ownership and the entire economy.

My guest today is Brian Chadwick, a cryptocurrency early adopter and Web3 fund manager in Chicago who happens to own one of the world’s biggest collections of sports collectibles. In this two-part episode he takes a beginner’s approach to help us all understand how crypto and the metaverse will eventually transform the way we buy and sell real estate.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: How to Buy a Property in Florida

Every winter, thousands of Canadians dream of escaping to a warm and sunny destination. Topping the list of most popular destinations to buy a second home? Florida. In this episode, broker Michael Lawler with Douglas Elliman, Naples, joins me to discuss then ins and outs of buying real estate in Florida. He’s one of the most successful brokers in Southwest Florida, specializing in luxury waterfront homes. We explore market dynamics, how to finance a Florida property from this side of the border, and what else Canadians need to know before buying a waterfront property in the Sunshine State.

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